Pro’s Corner

Jason Whitehill, Director of Golf

Q. My swing speed is slowing down as I age. What shaft should I have in my clubs?

A. A good way to determine what shaft flex is suitable is to try the different flexes at one of many demo days we have here at PebbleCreek. A regular shaft might be the answer or perhaps a senior flex will allow you to create a little more club head speed and distance.

Q. I hover my clubs above the ground behind the ball instead of putting it on the ground. Is this a bad practice?

A. No. Some instructors think that by not grounding your club, you make a smoother takeaway instead of snatching the club back with your hands. This position was made famous by Jack Nicklaus who never grounds his club before making his swing. The other benefit is that if the ball moves while you are waggling your club above the ground, you will not be penalized, as the formal position of “address” is not completed until you ground your club. If the ball moves after you have grounded your club, you will incur a penalty of one stroke and you must replace the ball in its original position.