Red Hat Bunco event

Jan Utzman

With a shout of “Bunco” a large fluffy Bunco die went flying across the room to the person who had just rolled three-of-a-kind with their dice. All the Red Hat Ranchers playing that day cheered for their fellow sister as she caught her trophy and quickly went back to rolling more dice. Hostesses for the November monthly event, held November 18, were Judy Loomis, Joyce Brein, Judy Smith and Betty Gardner. They planned a fun filled afternoon beginning with lunch at the Clubhouse, followed by a game of Bunco. The Bunco game was played as only free spirited women can play. By sort of following the Red Hat mandate, that there are no rules for having fun, the ladies sometimes got a little mixed up on how to play this game, which made everyone laugh even more and spend a lot of time going over the way to play. Actually a really good time was had by all in the spirit of friendship. Our next Bunco game should be scheduled soon, so everyone remembers how to play. Prizes were awarded to the winners in each of several categories.

Dorothy Hogan explained the procedure for our next meeting on December 2. All the ladies gathered together and journeyed to the Denton Rehabilitation Center to help the residents sing some wonderful Christmas songs. Following the singing everyone gathered at Bert Zeitlin’s house for games and a wonderful lunch.