Republican Club Board Meets with Governor

Republican Club Executive Board chats with Governor Abbott (photo by Lynne Kelsey)

Tim McCormick

The Robson Ranch Republican Club Executive Board met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Feb. 11 prior to the Denton County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan dinner. As a result of the club’s outstanding attendance by the Republican Club at the annual dinner, the Executive Board was invited to a VIP reception with Governor Abbott.

While waiting for the chance to meet with the Governor, board members got a chance to chat with some of his DPS security detail. They were quite congenial, but clearly very aware of anyone near him!

The Executive Board had the opportunity to speak with the Governor, who was very friendly and glad to learn more about our activities at Robson Ranch. We let him know we would be visiting his home during our bus trip to Austin in March, and he said he hoped we enjoyed our time there.

In addition to Governor Abbott, members of the Executive Board spoke with County Judge Andy Eads, State Representatives Lynn Stucky and Richard Hayes, State Senator Tan Parker, Appellate Judge Michael Wallach, and County Commissioner Dianne Edmondson, among many others. There were over 45 elected officials at the event and 65 members from Robson Ranch.