Republican Club: So Many Ways to Get Involved!

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and Republican Club President Tim McCormick

Tim McCormick, President, Robson Ranch Republican Club

Over 40 people in the parade, 15 committees, the State Convention, CPAC Dallas, a movie, networking with other groups, fundraising for scholarships, and more.

As you can see, the Republican Club is off to a roaring start of an amazing year! One of the largest groups in the parade, the Republican Club had over 40 members involved, from building a great float, to walking and handing out American flags, to riding golf carts. We love our great country and were excited to celebrate our country during the parade with our float “Let Freedom Ring!”

At our June meeting, we gathered ideas from the membership on how they wanted to approach fulfilling the purposes of our club. One of the many ideas we received was to have a public showing of the Dinesh D’Souza film 2000 Mules, which took place on July 6 in the clubhouse. Additionally, members are volunteering to be on one of the 15 different committees the club has in order to accomplish club objectives—from publicity to hospitality to candidate forums to voter registration and turnout and so much more.

A number of our members went to the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Houston in mid-June. They got to speak with many of Texas’ top office holders, including Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick, as well as our outgoing State Senator, Jane Nelson, and the expected incoming State Senator, Tan Parker. Speeches were heard from both U.S. Senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, and some special speakers, like the Lt. Governor of Virginia, Winsome Earl-Sears. Born in Jamaica, she later served in the U.S. Army as a non-citizen and now, a naturalized citizen, is the second highest office holder in the Commonwealth. The delegates did the business of electing party office holders and creating the platform for the state party for the next two years. The convention was a peaceful convention, even if the delegates did let Sen. Cornyn know they weren’t particularly pleased with his recent actions.

Although we have many activities and efforts within the Ranch, the Republican Club is also focused on things outside the Ranch. We have members signed up for CPAC Dallas in August. We also are connecting with other Republican groups in the area. We will be working side-by-side with the Texas Strong Republican Women in October to co-host a fundraising dinner to help fund scholarships for youth.

How can a club of over 500 members still have a place for you? It’s by getting like-minded people together, doing things they love with others, all in an effort to help make our country stronger and a better place to live! These are just a few of the ways the RR Republican Club is active, and we have so many other things waiting just for you! This year, the sky is the limit!

To join us, please come to the clubhouse on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and send us a note at [email protected].