Republican Club speaker

Michael Penaluna

Michael Penaluna

What steps have you taken to be prepared for an emergency situation in the community or in the North Texas area? September was designated “National Preparedness Month” in an effort to make citizens aware of what they should do when there are weather situations and other threats. Michael Penaluna, head of the Office of Emergency Preparedness for the City of Denton, spoke at Robson Ranch Republican Club meeting on September 3 about the subject.

Mr. Penaluna began his remarks by asking the audience, “Where were you on 9-11?” He then shared where he was on that day, at his job in Shreveport, Louisiana where he was serving in a role similar to his current one. Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City became a stop for Air Force One later that day. This resulted in many calls to his office as people tried to get information about the President’s whereabouts.

Mr. Penaluna stressed the need to make a disaster supplies kit, develop an emergency plan for your household and immediate family, and stay informed. To help people stay informed, Denton offers a “Code-Red” notification system that automatically calls subscribers when a severe weather condition—tornado, flash flood, severe thunderstorm and winter storm—is approaching their address. Registration is free by going online or by calling 940-349-8836. Another way to stay informed is by tuning to 88.1 FM (KNTU) whenever the siren system is activated.

Mr. Penaluna brought several useful booklets and other information including an Emergency Supply Kit checklist. He provided copies of “Emergency Preparedness News for Robson Ranch Residents” and encouraged those at the meeting to check out the Emergency Management section on the City of Denton’s website for more information.