Republican Club Works for the Win

Speakers, sweets, and signs capped a busy month! (Photos by Lynne Kelsey)

Lynne Kelsey

One thing the members of the Republican Club can’t be accused of—being lazy! The past month was a whirlwind of events and activities.

On Oct. 8 the RRRC co-sponsored the Texas Strong Republican Women’s Scholarship Fundraising Dinner. This year’s scholarship winner, Anna Sheeley, spoke feelingly about her positive experience at the National Patriot Academy in Austin this past summer. Kristi Antonick, director of the Texas Youth Leadership Summit, detailed the organization’s important work in preparing young conservative leaders. A jewelry silent auction capped off a very enjoyable evening.

Oct. 13 gave our members another educational opportunity as speakers detailed “What’s on the Ballot?” in the November election. Consultant John Poillster, who works closely with Commissioner Diane Edmonson, gave an overview of the projects that would be supported by County Prop A to add capacity to our roads and avoid traffic bottlenecks. Robson resident Don Duff explained the reasons behind City of Denton Prop A, the recall of City Councilman Alison Maguire, and Jesse Davis did the same for Prop B regarding marijuana law non-enforcement. Oct. 19 gave members a chance to interact with our local candidates, including Lynn Stuckey, Tan Parker, Andy Eads, Evelyn Brooks, Juli Luke, and Elizabeth Kerr. Having the ability to directly ask questions of those who know the issues best is one of the great benefits of membership in the RRRC!

As if this wasn’t enough to keep the average Republican busy (and tired!), November’s general meeting brought us a unique speaker: Dr. Robert Lawson, co-author of the Amazon bestseller Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World. Dr. Lawson’s description of life in the “unfree” societies that liberals want to emulate was, by turns, humorous and sobering (pun intended).

As early voting got underway, you may have seen members sitting under our club canopy—placed a legal distance from the entrance to the polls, of course—showing their support for the Republican ticket. And now that the midterm elections are over, you might think that things would settle down—but you would be wrong. Our Victory Committee will continue to work for issues important to conservatives. We will be reviewing our Bylaws and setting up a Nominating Committee. We will be bringing more exciting speakers to our general meetings. And best of all, we’ll be keeping our new website up to date so that our members can access the information they want, when they want it. As they say on TV, all this and more—coming up in the Republican Club!