Republicans Fund Undies!

Liberty Belles delivered undies and supplies to North Texas Collegiate Academy.

Judith Martin-Tafoya

For most of us, having something as basic as a fresh, clean pair of underwear is a fact we take for granted. This is sadly not so for everyone in the Denton Community. Recently, the North Texas Collegiate Academy, an underserved charter school in Denton that is supported by the Republican Club Liberty Belles, requested underwear in sizes 2T through 7 for their students. Sewing whiz Mary Stimek whipped up a whimsical red polka-dotted “boxer bag,” which was passed at our March meeting to collect “Fundies for Undies.”

Republican Club members generously donated $523, which allowed us to purchase undies. In addition, there was money left over to purchase another request by the school for specialty shampoos and conditioners for students in need of these supplies. The school has been blessed by your contributions and is grateful for your support!