Republicans Make ‘Epoch’ Donation

Dr. Gail Hanna

The Republican Club has some great news to share. In the interest of supporting our mission, we have gifted a subscription of The Epoch Times to our community library. This subscription includes unlimited digital access and a weekly newspaper delivery.

The Epoch Times strives to relay truthful news at a time when fake and twisted news is widespread. Although President Trump is often credited with coining the term “fake news,” credit should rightfully be given to President Abraham Lincoln who reportedly was often required to fight and win on the hotly contested front pages of our nation’s newspapers. A common mid-19th century expression about people you couldn’t trust was, “He lies like a newspaper.” On the subject of newspaper reliability, Lincoln said, “They lie and then they re-lie.” Lincoln was indeed prescient.

The Epoch Times has something for everyone. It provides world news, U.S. news, unique commentary and analysis, arts, traditions, culture, family, food, travel, crosswords, puzzles, and more!

All who hunger for honest reporting and relevant articles that impact our daily lives will appreciate the content in The Epoch Times.

We hope you enjoy it.