Residents Step Up to Help Affected Workers

The committee to dispense donations sits the required six feet apart.

The committee to dispense donations sits the required six feet apart.

Dave Parker

The coronavirus outbreak caused the closing of the Pinnacle, Cimarron, CATC buildings, and discontinuation of dine-in meals at the Wildhorse dining room and bar. With such a large impact at Robson Ranch, many HOA employees and others working at Robson Ranch such as sports trainers, beauticians, and instructors were severely impacted. Of the HOA employees, the employees at the Wildhorse Grill were most impacted. With the anticipation of three weeks or more of reduced or no paycheck at all, the homeowners at Robson stepped up in a big way. Homeowners created a GoFundMe page to help out our employees and workers. Over 400 contributors donated over $35,000!

At the time this article was written, a committee of five homeowners were developing the criteria to dispense 100% of the net funds ensuring the utmost integrity. Volunteering to be on the committee are Jay Vandenbree – Chair, Steve Targonski, Karen Barbati, Darryl Williams, and Cindy Sterling. The first meeting was on March 24; Jay reported they hope to have the checks distributed by the end of the following week. It is estimated that over 120 impacted individuals will benefit from these generous donations!

Most residents consider our employees and workers a part of their extended family. The money collected by these generous residents will go a long way in helping them through this crisis.

Hats off to all contributors!