Road Runners expand travel possibilities at annual meeting


Tom Zumann and Vicki Baker

By the time Board President Peggy Crandell Duff called the Road Runners annual meeting to order on January 31, the standing room only audience of over 340 had the opportunity to attend a Brandt Travel presentation of the upcoming Oberammergau Passion Play 2020.

The much-anticipated social cocktail hour offered a lavish layout of delicacies prepared by our own Robson Ranch Grill staff. Road Runners feasted on traditional bruschetta on baguette; fruit skewers of melon, pineapple, and grape; charcuterie platter piled high with gourmet cheeses and meats; and deliciously decorated petit fours.

During the meeting, financial and membership status reports were presented by Susan Hebert and Pat Thompson, respectively. By proclamation, the 2018 slate of officers was unanimously voted in. Peggy Crandell Duff, Gayle Coe, Susan Hebert, Pat Thompson, Vicki Baker, Bert Zeitlin, Jan Wallace, Phyllis Ayers, Dave Parker, and Pearlie Owens and at large members, Tom Zumann and Bob Tastle, will serve the club in the upcoming year.

The meeting also included several door prize “interruptions” to the delight of the attendees. Prizes awarded ranged from gift cards to restaurants and area merchants to travel related gift baskets, bottles of wine, and discounts on future travel. Special thanks were extended to those members who enthusiastically filled the suggestion bucket, and one lucky entrant won a special door prize.

Representatives of Premier Tours Global and Brandt Travel were introduced during the meeting and staffed information tables for inquiries before and after the meeting on an array of exciting, newly introduced adventures.

So, now that the business is done for yet another year, it’s time to mark your calendars for fun filled trips with your fellow Robson Ranchers. Your Road Runners Board and professional travel partners are constantly working to provide our members with fun, exciting, affordable, and once in a lifetime travel and entertainment experiences. The length of these activities includes one day excursions to overnighters to several day/week trips, including domestic and foreign destinations and ports of call.

Just a reminder, to take advantage of all these exciting opportunities, you must be a Road Runners member. For more information, please visit our website at