Road Runners Travel Club Update

Gayle Coe and Kendall Meade

Greetings from the Road Runners Travel Club and your trusty travel partner, Brandt Travel. We know it has been a trying year filled with disappointment due to travel postponements and cancellations. Our travel has not ended, only temporarily paused, and we continue to inspire and set your sights on future travel plans. We are now adding travel destinations to our bucket lists instead of crossing them off, while many of us want to begin our travels closer to home in 2021 before venturing back over the pond.

We have great travel opportunities that will meet that need. We are all ready to go, so let us begin.

Feb. 19, 2021: Our immensely popular Winter Annual Cruise Getaway is a great opportunity to get away from the gray winter days and have great fun with fellow neighbors and friends. We will set sail with one of the top cruise lines in the industry, Celebrity Cruises. It will be a nine-night Caribbean sailing visiting the highly sought-after Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. We will all enjoy fun times together onboard and off the ship in these amazing warm Caribbean islands. This trip will be hosted by the Brandt Travel staff. They will prepare our reservations and support our great experience on board. Great exclusive rates and perks for our Road Runner travelers!

April 21, 2021: We set sail for the Hawaiian Islands aboard Norwegian Cruise Lines ship, Pride of America. We will begin with an opportunity to spend a few nights in Honolulu touring the highlights. Then we visit the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands. The ship will be our floating hotel and means of exploring these exciting ports of call. Enjoy visiting scenic volcanic landscapes, attending a luau, visiting Kona Coffee or pineapple farms. This will be our very own island getaway.

July 18, 2021: We will venture aboard a Canadian rail journey from Vancouver to Calgary, with amazing overnight stays in beautiful hotels along the way. An exciting way to see the beautiful scenery and wildlife traveling aboard the Gold-Level Service Rocky Mountaineer train. Spectacular dining and beverages to accompany our uninhibited glass-domed views of the Rockies. Truly a glimpse of the heavens upon this breath-taking journey through Canada.

September 9, 2021: We set sail on Celebrity Cruises to visit the Pacific Coast. We will spend 10 nights aboard the Millennium traveling from Vancouver to Los Angeles, with an overnight stay in San Francisco. This is a wonderful way to visit the historic fishing towns, Washington State wineries, Napa, and Sonoma Valley, and see the beautiful California coast. Make this journey as leisurely or as active as you wish.

Now that the Road Runners have inspired you, let Brandt Travel help you with the details and planning! Select what is of greatest interest and go for it!

Brandt Travel can be reached at 703-715-2910 ext. 1 or [email protected].