Road Runners visit Balloon Festival in Albuquerque

Phyllis Ayers

On Friday, October 6, 52 Robson Ranchers began a Mayflower Tour to the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The group was made up of adults who within minutes of arriving at the Festival began to feel like children again in their first visit to a candy store.

We arrived at the park right before sunrise and watched the balloon ascension. What fun to see all the different shapes, which included characters from TV and the movies. Some of the favorites were a motorcycle rider on the bike, a frog, a crocodile, penguins and a large cow. Darth Vader was present along with astronauts, racing cars and a stagecoach.

The following evening when darkness fell the balloons partook in “The Glow” where the balloons hovered above the ground lighted by the gas. The effect of the balloon display was breathtaking.

The following day the tour left for Santa Fe to go on a city tour and of course shopping. Santa Fe has a rich history, which dates back to the early Spanish exploration. We visited an ancient Pueblo ruins, which made the history of the area come to life. The weather was wonderful with lots of sunshine and cool temperatures. This was an excellent experience for a vacation.