Roadway Improvement Update

Lots of good things are happening around Robson Ranch! Our community is growing by leaps and bounds with new neighbors moving in daily; about six to eight new residents weekly, according to Rhett Hubbard. Because of our large senior population, Robson Ranch is a very frequent “customer” of the Emergency Services District #1 with our 911 calls for falls, sudden illnesses, etc., averaging two calls a day, according to ESD Chief Mac Hohenberger. Thus, the response time becomes critical in serving our fellow residents who need emergency help, and the quicker the response time, the better for the patient. Currently, the average response time from the ESD station at the Harvest Community to Robson Ranch is 8.5 minutes, which is better than the national average of 10 minutes, but still can be improved. That improvement should come within the next few weeks, as a road is being cut through from the Harvest Fire Station to Briarwood Street in The Ridge at Northlake (across the street, to the south of Robson Ranch) and then right out onto Robson Ranch Road. This shortcut will decrease response time by about four minutes, and Chief H. says that each minute saved increases the patient’s survival rate by 10% for stroke or heart attack. Thus, this new route can increase the survival rate in Robson Ranch by an amazing 40%!

This improvement is made possible by another partnership effort the County originated with Hillwood Communities (Harvest Developer), Taylor Morrison (The Ridge at Northlake developer), and the Town of Northlake. This road is actually a “temporary shortcut,” which will ultimately be replaced with a straight-through route from the fire station onto Cleveland Gibbs Road, which will then go straight into the Robson main gate. This route has been planned for several years, but the timing has been delayed, as The Ridge is not yet built out enough to include the paving of Cleveland Gibbs Road within their development. So, an interim solution was needed, and by working with both Hillwood and Taylor Morrison developers, we were able to put together an alternate plan to serve until such time as The Ridge will be paving Cleveland Gibbs.

As Robson and our neighboring communities continue to grow, more and more motorists are traveling through and past the Ranch. To handle this increased traffic, the County is working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) to speed up the projects that will increase the size and capacity of our nearby state highways. One of these roadways is FM 407, which leads west through Northlake into Justin and points west, as well as eastward, to Highway 377 in Argyle. The 407 project rights of way are being obtained now, but we are still about 18 months from being ready to let contracts for construction. Meanwhile, Highway 377 construction south from Harriet Creek Road in Roanoke is well underway, including the “flyover” at Highway 114. Completion is projected by October of this year. Further south on 377, the six-mile section in Argyle from FM 1171 to Crawford Road is next up. The utilities are being relocated, the final engineering design is expected in June, and construction contracts should be ready to let in September.

So, the steam shovels, graders, recyclers, and orange cones are coming all around us, and while we will face delays and inconveniences for a while, the end result will be worth it!

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