Roadwork and Retail Development Update

County Commissioner Dianne Edmondson

There is not a lot of roadwork being done in our immediate vicinity, but a word of warning about an area road that many of us use—U.S. Hwy 377 between Roanoke and Argyle. This U.S. highway passes through an area I have dubbed “the swamp.” It runs parallel on the west to an active and elevated railroad track and crosses a flowing creek. There are very large transmission line power poles on the east side, and these huge metal structures have become “roosts” for hundreds of vultures each evening. Driving through this area at twilight is pretty creepy! Moreover, the road itself is in very bad shape. I am told that, recently, a large chunk of the road fell off into the creek, and cars have been ruining tires at that point ever since. So please watch out and perhaps even take an alternate route if you are crossing “the swamp” on Hwy 377.

After taking office, I was shocked to learn that some, but not all, of Hwy 377 from Roanoke to north of Denton had been included in 2008 road bond funding. This “swamp” stretch had no pending engineering or construction work. So, I have commissioned the first step of the process by adding this portion of 377 to our TXDot schedule and conducting the Environmental Engineering survey. This study is now underway, and once it’s completed and once another road bond issue is passed by our voters, then we can request and award bids to fix “the swamp.”

Retail Development Coming to Our Front Gate

In case you didn’t see it last month, I reported that I have been contacted by a developer who will be putting in a retail-type development similar to The Commons at Northlake, at the west end of The Ridge at Northlake, just across from our main gate. He asked that I check with our residents to see what type of services they would like to see. We have had a very nice response from our Robson Ranch residents concerning their ideas for potential tenants in the retail space which will be added.

Here are the most requested businesses so far: Braum’s, bistro-type café, convenience store with gas pumps (and some have suggested a car wash), a Chinese restaurant (one of you wants no buffet, and another resident specifically asks for a buffet), fast food chains, lab for medical tests, medical offices, phone store, and last, but maybe not least, a liquor store. Several residents asked for a nail and hair salon, and when I contacted them about the one I use right here in Robson Ranch, they were unaware of our very nice and extremely handy salon in the Sports Activity building. Perhaps others also are unaware. Let me take this opportunity to mention it and suggest that you contact them at 940-246-1049.

As this retail area is still many months away, please continue to send me your wish lists, and I will continue to interface with the developer. I’m excited about the possibilities and appreciate the developers wanting our input!

Stay safe as the summer heat approaches, and do let me know if you would like to receive my periodic e-newsletter with Pct. 4 news.

If you would like to receive her e-newsletter, please contact Commissioner Edmondson at [email protected]. You also may phone her at 972-434-3960 or visit her office in the Southwest Courthouse, 6200 Canyon Falls Drive, Suite 900.