Robson Group Recognizes Its Founder

In a way, it is hard to imagine that every club, group, and organization at Robson Ranch, even the ones with diverse missions and objectives, has similar beginnings. They all started when someone saw a need or had the vision to bring together like-minded people.

Some clubs began here in the early days of the community. Others started many years after the number of residences had increased significantly.

One of the groups that came on the scene in the early days of Robson Ranch was the Saturday Men’s Bible Study. Francis “Fran” Chupp, an early pioneer, enthusiastically invited other men in the area to his house on Murray S Johnson Street at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning to study God’s word. Whenever he met a man in the gym, the pool, at the Grill, or in the neighborhood, Fran seldom missed an opportunity to shake his hand and ask him to visit the group.

Donuts and coffee were always present at Fran’s house to kick off the 90-minute Bible Study. As the years passed, the group became so large that new groups were formed to hold concurrent meetings at other homes and with other study leaders. For several years, Fran ventured to a donut shop every Saturday morning, bought several boxes of donuts with his own money, and delivered them to each of the homes hosting a study.

On Dec. 13 at the annual Men’s Bible Study Christmas Banquet, more than 80 attendees watched as Pete Belding and his wife Mary Jo gave a commemorative Bible to Fran from the collective groups, in appreciation of his devotion. Inside the cover was an inscription that read, in part, “Your knocking on neighbors’ doors 20 years ago has led to an untold number of enhanced walks with Jesus and enriched lives. This, your special Bible, is given to you as a symbol of our gratitude for your leadership and loving guidance all these years and in the future.” In addition, Pete gave Fran a scrapbook with notes and letters of appreciation from several of the men. Not wanting to overlook the key role that Fran’s wife played, Darla was given a shepherd’s hook to help keep Fran under control.

The six Robson Men’s Bible Study groups continue to extend a hand of welcome. Our Mission is Faith-Fellowship-Friendship. To learn more, check our website