Robson Ranch 65+ Traveling Softball Team

Heart of Texas: Gary King, Michael Braam, Bob Wheeler, Tom Neagli, David Riddle, Rocky Dudley, Ford Roberson, Ron Schwertner, David McKie, Bob Hoffenberg, Larry Lewis, Stu White, Tim Hughes, Brad Killingsworth, and Jim Hupp

DFW Classic: Ed Sholty, Gary King, Ron Schwertner, Arnie Randall, Michael Braam, David Riddle, Rocky Dudley, Stu White, Brad Killingsworth, Tom Neagli, David McKie, John Gauthier, Bob Hoffenberg, and Jim Hupp; Not in pictures: Tim Hughes, Greg Laffey, Mike Flatt, Louis Berthold, and Dale Frazier

Tom Neagli and Rosemary “Killer” Myers-Neagli

In this COVID state of mind, the 2021 Robson Ranch 65+ Traveling Softball Team (RR 65+) went to four tournaments around the North Texas area. This is the first time ever that they walked away as winners of not just one, but two tournament championships—Heart of Texas in Waco and DFW Classic 65+ in Grapevine. Not a bad average for the RR 65+: 2 for 4 in tournaments as the overall Champions.

This year’s RR 65+ team was characterized as a well-rounded team with veteran players and rookie players. Our team leaders included Coach Ron Schwertner, Coach David McKie, and their hard-working staff David Riddle (who is a phenomenal tactician) and Louis Berthold (first base coach). Rosemary “Killer” Myers-Neagli helped out with team practice, was medical support, and a very loud cheerleader. Throughout the year the bats were cold as ice or as hot as fire. The pitching staff of Gary King, Brad Killingsworth, and Larry Lewis performed well while the defense worked their magic most of the time.

In the DFW Classic 65+ our Robson Ranch team had a perfect record of 5-0 with timely hits and walks. A big shout to Bob Wheeler, John Gauthier, Stu White, Gary King, and Michael Braam who were selected “All Tournament” by the coaching staff.

Congratulations to the entire RR 65+ team and their wives for letting them go out and play a kid’s game. If anyone in Robson Ranch Texas has interest in finding out more about Robson Ranch Softball (65+, 70+, or Coed) please stop by the softball field at Orangewood and Ed Robson Blvd this fall, Monday through Wednesday evenings, checkout the website, or contact [email protected].