Robson Ranch Architectural and Landscape Committee


Dave Parker

In the upcoming months the HOA Board will be featuring articles on the committees that support the efficient running of our community. This month the Architectural and Landscape Committee (ALC) is featured. The ALC is comprised of hard working individuals who meet weekly to review and evaluate proposals, plans and specifications submitted by residents. Prior to moving to Robson Ranch, many individuals have lived in communities with little, lax or unenforced guidelines. Those residents especially appreciate having comprehensive, well-written and enforced guidelines that help protect the value of individual homes and the community. The committee works hard to approve all resident applications that meet ALC regulations. George Varrallo is the chair of the ALC committee. The office is located in the rear of the Sports Center and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. George and his staff Pat Henderson and Donna Barlow are available to assist residents with any questions or requests. If you have an interest in volunteering for service on the committee, simply fill out a Committee Volunteer Form available at the HOA office or contact George at [email protected] Robson Ranch can be especially proud of having a qualified group of individuals look out for our best interests.