Robson Ranch Choir 70s Show

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Community Choir has new dates for its performance of “That ’70s Show.” Mark your calendar for these new dates: Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. and Aug. 9 at 4 p.m. The ticket prices will be the same at $10 and $12 at the door. Watch for an announcement as to the date ticket sales will begin. Attendees are asked to join in celebrating the 70s by wearing their grooviest 70s attire. By August, we all will indeed be ready for a party after surviving the lock down. The music of the 70s was heartfelt, inspiring, and healing. It’s exactly the music we need to hear now. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Burt Bacharach, and the Carpenters all wrote or performed such poignant songs of the time that still ring true today. Be sure to make plans to attend and get your jam on! In the meantime, I am giving you a puzzle to help you brush up on some 70s songs, phrases, or shows.


1. Ron Howard Show “Happy __”

3. Carole Kings’ “You’ve Gotta ___”

6. Aware, not a nerd

8. “Up your ___ with a rubber hose”

10. “Sweet Caroline” shiny guy

11. Who’s singing about “Cat’s in the Cradle”

13. “Fantasy Island”, “__ Plane”

14. Robson Choir Concerts are a great ____

16. ’70s Long Skirts

18. “Saturday __ the Park” (“Chicago”)

19. Who made Aretha “Feel Like A Natural Woman”

20. Carpenters “Sing” anyone else __ hear (lyric)

22. Travolta movie “___ Night Fever” (abbr.)

24. “______Company”

25. Way out there

26. Affirmative


1. Jimmie Walker said it (Good Times)

2. Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t __ Lovely”

4. Manilow song from “Foul Play,” “_____ to Take A Chance Again”

5. “Yo ____” (fella)

7. These had “bells”

9. David Sanbourn played it well

10. “Book’em ___” (Hawaii 50)

12. “Keep __ Truck ‘in”

13. Sommer’s on “Three’s Company”

15. They were fringed

17. Foreigner’s “Cold As ___”

21. The Walton’s John __

23. “Somebody __ Lean On,” “Lean On Me” lyric


Across: 1. Days, 3. Friend, 6. Hip, 8. Nose, 10. Diamond, 11. Son, 13. Da, 14. Event, 16. Maxi, 18. In, 19. You, 20. To, 22. Sat, 24. Threes, 25. Far out, 26. Yes

Down: 1. Dynomite, 2. She, 4. Really, 5. Dude, 7. Pants, 9. Sax, 10. Dano, 12. On, 13. Ditsy, 15. Vest, 17. Ice, 21. Boy, 23. To