Robson Ranch Choir Holding That Note

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Community Choir was, let’s say, is “doloroso” (sorrowful) about having to once again cancel their concert “That 70’s Show.” Originally scheduled as the Spring Concert and then moved to August 8 and 9, the show was to be one of the best ever. With the greatest hits from the 70’s, what could be better? Now because of the coronavirus and the inability to open rehearsal sites and the clubhouse, and with social distancing, and the general concern for all, “That 70’s Show” has been moved to next spring. So, they are doing a great big breve on “That 70’s Show.” It is with sincere hope that the threat will by then have passed. The choir is hopeful that the circumstances caused by the virus will indeed pass even sooner so that they can start rehearsals for the November 11 Veterans Day Concert. In the meantime, continue vocalizing and jamming to your favorite tunes. Singing daily is great for the mind, soul, body, and spirit. The choir looks forward to getting back to singing and performing as soon as possible. Go to our website for all information and updates at