Robson Ranch Fishing Club – Texoma Striper fun!

Scott P. Baker

Striper fishing on Lake Texoma is as close to offshore tarpon fishing as you can get. These fish can get huge, and you literally have to pull the rod up and then wind the reel to get the slack out. The joy of reeling in this type of fish is hard to describe in words. You just know this is the big one, and you never really know until it gets to the surface and the guide picks the fish up in his net and puts it on the ruler to know truly how big this fish is. Lake Texoma is the only lake in the whole U.S. where they do not have to add fish to the population. The waters come down the Red River basin, and the added salt content is just perfect for the spawning beds for the Stripers to make enough eggs that the lake can naturally produce enough fish for year-round fishing. Not only is the fishing great for Stripers year round, but they seem to increase in size as the water temperature gets colder. The fish this year seem to be exceptionally large. However, I am only a fisherman; who is going to believe me anyway?

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