Robson Ranch Friday Market Vendors

Raul “Rudy” and Angie Bonilla

Claudia J. Caporale (in conjunction with articles supplied by the Bonillas)

Every Friday, all year, weather permitting, from 8 to 11 a.m., Robson residents are privileged to have the opportunity to purchase fresh foods from 18 vendors who set up tents and tables in the Robson parking lot. Some are new, many have been there for years, and Liz is always vetting other potential vendors to serve our community. To show our appreciation and get to know each of them better, we will be highlighting one vendor’s special story each month.

Raul “Rudy” and Angelica Bonilla, owners of Salsa Revolution, have recently celebrated their 10th year serving Robson Residents—back when Robson Ranch was half its current size and growing, but the joyful couple stuck it out during lean times with much love.

Angelica Bonilla, a 20-year employee of Lewisville/Denton ISD, has worked hard to create the best-tasting salsa and enchilada sauce, evident in her special product line of flavors consisting of Salsa Verde, Roasted Jalapeno, Serrano Roasted, Habanero, Enchilada, Tamalz, and more, providing the best-tasting “Authentic Mexican Salsa you have ever had.”

Raul “Rudy” Bonilla, a 30-year UPS driver, recently retired, believed in his lovely wife, and was so inspired that he used his logistical skills, business ethics, and hard work to create the Rudy/Ange duo, working together side-by-side, providing their customers with products they can trust that are safe, fresh, and “tasty.” Their motto: “Enjoy the taste.”

Salsa Revolution hit a milestone when awarded the Rush Limbaugh Great American Business Award after Raul “Rudy” Bonilla was premiered on the radio show with Katherine Limbaugh and took second place over 72,000 other small businesses that entered the contest. Salsa Revolution was put to the test by fulfilling over 350 online orders immediately following the five-minute radio spot. The Bonillas said, “In God We Trust is not just a motto for us. It’s a way of life.” Since then, their products are in all 50 states, as well as Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The Bonillas ask each other, “How long can we keep making our salsas and enchilada sauces? We always look at each other and say, ‘as long as we keep loving each other, our customers, and our business.’ Putting God first has always been at the forefront of our life and business …”

Congratulations, Raul “Rudy” and Angie, on your success, delicious products, and for serving the Robson Ranch residents. We love you, too.

Surrounded by these veteran vendors are many others ready to serve you with their freshest and best products. The list of vendors, their products, and contact information are on our Living Well Committee website, Most of them take phone orders, making it even more convenient for residents to pick up on Friday. The Robson Ranch Ramblers band will be back in the fall, and are currently avoiding the summer heat.

Thank you for supporting our Friday Market.