Robson Ranch Gun Club visited Bond Arms in May

Front row (left to right): Bob Emison, Cliff Gilbert, Larry Hampton and Janice Elick; Middle row: Dave MacDonald, Christine Kidder, Bill Wise, Don Elick; Back row: Gary Gardner, Glen Walder, Ron Hoeberling, Andy Cartwright, Dick Remski, Russ Bafford and Eddie Schmidt; Photo courtesy of Dick Remski.

Dick Remski

The Robson Ranch Gun Club had a field trip to suburban Granbury, Texas (about two miles from the square!) to visit and tour the Bond Arms manufacturing facility. Bond Arms has been in business since about 1996, producing a quintessential Texas product, made in Texas by Texans: a double barrel derringer style handgun. This is a quality piece, with several interchangeable barrels and grips to change the piece in both caliber and hand fit, ranging from .22 long rifle all the way to .45 Long Colt, which also accommodates .410 shotgun shells! Fifteen members of the club caravanned to Granbury for a great lunch on the Square at Babe’s, then on to the tour of the plant, where we were even greeted by CEO Gordon Bond, who has taken the company through the manufacture and delivery of nearly 220,000 derringers. They also offer a new 9 mm compact semi-automatic pistol in the unique Bullpup design.

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