Robson Ranch Holiday Inflatables

And what to their wandering eyes should appear? A variety of sensational inflatables, including a deer!

When darkness covers Robson Ranch, the inflatable holiday decorations on Soriano and Citadel streets come to life! As you drive down these streets, your inner child can’t help but smile as you admire the variety of inflatable characters, shapes, and sizes! The 3- to 10-foot high illuminated holiday inflatables couldn’t help but put even the most serious Grinch into the holiday spirit!

To add additional merriment, the residents on Soriano, Citadel, and side yards of Grandview, Hanford, and Crestview who displayed a holiday inflatable gathered at Ralph and Carol Jankowski’s home for a “HIP” (holiday inflatable party) get-together with appetizers and drinks! It was a great evening to get to know our newer neighbors and reconnect with old friends!