Robson Ranch Motorcycle Club: Cold Weather, Doing Good, Planning to Ride

Visiting Angel Fire, July 2021

Stan Brein

Welcome to February, everyone. We all remember what last year brought! Hopefully, we will dodge the bullet this year! Cold weather doesn’t diminish our desire to ride, but it certainly restricts our ability to do so. Good weather is sketchy in winter. Long rides are a gamble due to the changeable North Texas winter climate. We bundle up and do get out on short breakfast and lunch rides or enchanting day rides. Cold weather bike maintenance is essential. Batteries are on trickle chargers, and bikes are covered in the garage. The tank must be full to prevent condensation and rust. Meanwhile, we plan rides using maps, computers, and GPS units. It is also a great time to sharpen our skills and safety awareness. More on that later.

I am constantly impressed by the positive impact Robsonites have on our community. My fellow motorcyclists continually step up to the challenge. Last month I mentioned the gift card donation we made to Denton ISD from our Holiday Party. I received this note after the winter break:

Happy New Year and on behalf of the at-risk youth enrolled in Denton ISD and their families. Thank you for your warmth and generosity this past holiday season. Through your donation, you not only assist our children to meet their basic human needs, you also help to build relationships of trust and respect that meet their needs of safety and security, but a sense of self-worth and belonging, as well.

“Our school district is grateful for your collaboration and your understanding of all that it takes to provide for a student academically, socially and emotionally.

With a hopeful heart,

Barb Haflich, DISD Coordinator of Social Services (retired), Lynn Charles, and Daisy Romero: Denton ISD

Thank you to our great club members who made this possible.

The club board has been at work planning activities for the coming year. With President Mike Conley at the reins, Scott Baker, Stan Brein, Dave Riddle, Reggie Routher, Vicki Baker, and new addition Ron Bane have a full calendar in development. Thank you to outgoing board members Jim Sico and Steve Haugen for your service to the club.

Upcoming activities include a Safety meeting on Feb. 8, and a Quarterly Membership meeting on Feb. 24. Future rides include a dinner ride to Babe’s in Sanger on March 10 and the Big Bend Trip March 26 to April 1. We are growing and currently have 42 families (79 members) on the roster. If you have not yet paid your club dues for the year, please do so as soon as possible. Get your $10 (per family) to Mike Conley and stay dialed in on all the fun. And make sure you are tuned into GroupWorks for all club happenings.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers, and keep the rubber side down.