Robson Ranch Music Club Planning for the New Year

Frances Hackley, Publicity Chair

The Robson Ranch Music Club was like that deer in the picture. Last year left us truly stunned and made for an “oh dear” kind of a year! That picture is of a sweatshirt one of our audience members wore to our last concert, which was Christmas of 2019. We are now looking forward to 2021 being one of great excitement instead of disbelief. We are planning our events and concerts with optimistic enthusiasm in the hopes that they will once again go on as scheduled. The choir is planning to start rehearsals in February for the upcoming spring concert in April. They will finally perform “That 70’s Show.” This concert has such an amazing list of music from the ‘70s that your “remember when meter” will be left spinning. Before our concert though, March 19 is the annual St. Patrick’s Day Karaoke and Dance Party. But, before even those very anticipated events happen, a new event is being planned for Valentine’s Day. The choir is going to do “Singing Valentines.” A small group of Robson Choir members, for $25, will come to your home and sing a song to your Valentine. They will also receive a rose and two Valentine cupcakes. This is a sweet gesture for a friend, a sweetie, or someone you want to extend a kindness to. Details on how to sign up will be on the HOA site, message board, Nextdoor, and Facebook. This will only be in the Robson Ranch community. Social distancing protocols will be followed, and the members will not enter your home. Hopefully, the community will welcome this little undertaking by some of our members and enjoy. The choir is looking forward to seeing all participating in our events and coming to our concerts in the new year. We have our feet back under us and are tuning up the pipes. We aren’t off and running yet, but we are heading to the starting line. Stay tuned.

One way to stay tuned is the Robson Ranch Music Club’s website. Mastered by Bert Zeitlin, it is just awesome. The site has a plethora of information about the club. If you have not been on it, you are missing out. All the clubs upcoming events, concert dates, past pictures of events, membership forms and list of our Gold Inner Circle sponsors can be found there. Go to and see what I mean. Don’t be stunned like the deer. Oh, deer, no! Be in the know!