Robson Ranch Pioneers Celebrate 20 Years

Robson Ranch Pioneers

Phyllis Olson

Forty Pioneers gathered at the Grill to celebrate their 20-year anniversary at the Ranch on Dec. 7. The Pioneers were the first homeowners to close on their homes at Robson Ranch in Texas. The closing date used for membership in the Pioneers Club was Dec. 31, 2002, but no remaining homeowners closed in December 20 years ago. We have been counting down each Pioneer’s reaching 20 years with an announcement of the anniversary names prior to our monthly dinner gathering.

There were originally more than 100 homes that qualified for Pioneer status. There are currently 39 homes remaining, which are occupied by 60 Pioneers. We were very proud to have 40 of the 60 attend our celebration event to round out the anniversary year for all Pioneers. Nine of the attendees have been at the Ranch for over 21 full years. We had a short program, which included a Fairytale Sequel to the original Robson Ranch Modern Fairytale presented at a 2007 Pioneer event. Photos and memorabilia from the first years at the Ranch were shared. The assembled Pioneers enjoyed dinner together, followed by cake, and took a group picture to commemorate their achievement.