Robson Ranch Potluck Club

Peggy Backes

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! This is your last chance to join the Robson Ranch Potluck Club in 2022. The final round of potluck dinners will occur in September/October, and the gala to which all members are invited will be held on Nov. 15. If you wish to join, please submit your membership application by Aug. 1. Membership applications are available at the HOA office in the clubhouse and on the HOA website under the heading “Potluck Club at Robson Ranch,” in the Member Center/Clubs listing.

This is a good way to meet your neighbors and make new friends while enjoying great food provided by club members. There are four meals a year scheduled for groups of six to ten members. Each member is expected to host one potluck a year. The host selects the date, provides the main entrée, a side dish if desired, and the beverages. An event for all members is held once a year. The membership fee is $5 per person.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Potluck Club.