Robson Ranch Social Committee Holiday Gala

Gala attendees

Gala attendees

Thank you to all 334 friends and neighbors who attended the gala held at the Texas Motor Speedway Club ninth floor Ballroom on Saturday, December 12. It was great seeing everyone dressed in their finest; the ladies especially looked lovely.

For most the evening began with the bus ride to the club with a flute of champagne. Everyone was greeted at the reception area and then escorted to their tables by committee members. The tables were beautifully decorated with red and white lighted stems projecting from tall glass vases. The music had begun before everyone arrived so dancing began upon arrival. Tables were spaced so everyone had room to dance, even on the carpet when the dance floor was full. The band was great and played continuously from beginning to end. They took breaks by section so the music was non-stop.

Dinner was served in less than 20 minutes, and the food was great. Someone said, “The salmon was the best I ever had.” The chicken cacciatore was equally as good, and the prime rib was plentiful. Both salads were very flavorful, and the vegetable sides were great. Everyone seemed to enjoy the complimentary Kendal Jackson Chardonnay and Louie Martini Cabernet Sauvignon on the table to go along with the souvenir Holiday Gala glass.

Overall the 15th annual Holiday Gala was a great holiday party for all who attended. Several people who have attended most of the 15 said, “This was the best one yet.” With that thought in mind we will try to top it next year.