Robson Ranch Softball 2022 Spring Championships

Front row (right to left): Kelly Wissink, Jay Wissink, Steve Courtney, Bob Laderach, Bill Smiley, Steven Tafoya; back row (right to left): Jackie Fox, Bob Wheeler, Danny Thomas (assistant manager), John Gauthier, Sean Curry (manager), Allen Day

Dale Hill and Rosemary Myers-Neagli

June 11 was Championship Saturday at Robson Ranch, meaning a full house at our Field of Dreams, special guests in attendance, plenty to eat and drink, and, of course, good old-fashioned softball. Several ol’ faithful RRSAers assembled at 7:30 a.m. to prepare for the day’s activities. Starting the festivities was an exciting contest of all-stars representing both the Ladies Co-Ed teams and the Seniors League. Coaches Johnny Blecher and Kelly Petre chose up teams and battled to a near draw during the five-inning game. Everyone managed to get a hit, and most everyone produced an RBI. But this was just the appetizer to the main menu featuring the much-anticipated Spring League Championship game between Farmers Insurance (Manager Sean Curry) and 407 BBQ (Manager Keenan Wallace). But prior to this softball battle, RRSA president Mick Calverley called RRSA Sponsor Coordinator Jerry Bennett to the field, who proudly introduced the incredible sponsors in attendance (with their families) for the championship game. Fans and players cheered loudly in appreciation as Jerry called them onto the field: Adams Furniture, Corple Corral, Doggonit, Eagle Eye Care, Farmers Insurance, Home Tint, MS2-USA, Point Bank Argyle, ProScapes Landscaping, Rodney Landscaping, Safe Lifts, Southside Dental, State Farm, and Wise Health Argyle. Following the sponsors’ introduction, our announcer extraordinaire, Jimmy Reese, the man with the golden tones, the source of more trivia questions than Google, and the quickest wit at Robson, introduced each of the team members participating in the championship game. We were fortunate to have Ms. Kristina McDonald and her beautiful voice sing the national anthem, followed by the opening pitch—four times—by the younger representatives of our sponsors. Due to the importance of the game, each team had an honorary bat boy—Alex and Sam—of the famed Escamilla clan. Mike Conley performed his honorary drone fly-over, while umpires George Wendt (home plate), Bob Collins (first base), Gary Warrick (second base), and John Basse (third base) completed their field safety inspections and positioned themselves for game play. Play Ball! And, believe you me, the Farmers team took that call seriously, scoring 19 runs in seven innings. However, Coach Keenan Wallace of 407 BBQ, known for his awe-inspiring team “talks,” and this season had as many “come from behind victories” as Tom Brady, just couldn’t make it happen today. Scoreboard operator Deb Hinson and scorekeeper Dale Hill fought hard to keep up with all the action. But today it would be Farmers Insurance scoring 19 runs over 407 BBQ’s 15. Handshakes all around and then off to enjoy Cory Raynor and John McNamar’s grilling up their ballyard dogs, brats, and all the trimmings—good eating! Once again, Jerry Bennett (coordinator of Championship Saturday and the RRSA sponsorship program), President Mick Calverley, and the entire RRSA Board (a truly well-oiled machine) concluded a successful Robson Ranch spring softball season.

Many thanks to the volunteer reporters who wrote action-packed game reports on each league game. Players enjoyed reading the entertaining versions as much as playing the game! These writers’ styles were so creative and unique: Louis Berthold, Johnny Blecher, Carl Caruso, Dale Hill, Ken Quarfoot, Liz Malone, Rosemary Myers-Neagli, Paul Neal, John Thompson, George Wendt, and Clyde Zeigler. Here’s to the upcoming fall season! Cheers!