Robson Riders Motorcycle Club: Corona Extra Edition

Stan Brein

Things motorcyclists can do while sidelined due to the social isolation:

Clean your bike.

Catch up on the motorcycle magazines piling up in your office.

Look at that new bike you have been eying online.

Stream reruns of Then Came Bronson on Philo TV.

Buy all that stuff you have been coveting from RevZilla, Dennis Kirk, J&P Cycles, Cycle Gear, and Bike Bandit.

Call your dealer and service advisor and tell them you love and miss them.

Have an Easy Rider watch party on Zoom.

Pull out your engine and replace the piston rings.

Bet your friends on old motorcycle race reruns.

Impress your neighbors by doing donuts and wheelies in your cul-du-sac.

See how fast you can go exiting the Michelle Way gate and still get it to open in time.

Clean your bike.

By no demand, we bring back the never before occurring segment, “Questions for Stan.”

The first letter comes from Mike C., “Is it possible to get Corona on a motorcycle?”

Hi Mike. Absolutely. If you have saddlebags or a top case, you will probably be able to fit a six-pack, 12-pack, or even 24-pack. Just be sure you do not consume any at the store before coming home.

Dave R. asks, “How do you properly clean your Sena 30 microphone to ensure it is germ free?”

Dave, it all begins with language. Use clean language and this should not even be a problem. Oh. What did you say? You are riding behind Joe A. Okay. I completely understand your dilemma.

Dennis D. inquires, “Is it possible to practice social distancing while riding in a group?”

Dennis, this is quite easy to do. Not showering for a week before the ride and stopping for the large bean burrito for lunch should accomplish this quite well.

Finally. Scott B. writes, “Can you fish while riding a motorcycle?”

Scott, you absolutely can. But do not do so while your passenger is taking pictures or videos. That will mess up the quarterly socials and holiday parties because we will not have anything to look at.

See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down.