Robson Riders Motorcycle Club hits the road

Ready for take-off at the Robson Clubhouse.

Stan Brein

While we still battled rain and the last vestiges of cool weather, the club headed east for the Arkansas – Stay in the Golden Era adventure. Once again Ride Dotson Captain Dennis planned a grand outing using mostly back roads. With sunny skies and mild weather smiling on the Ranch, the group put kickstands up at 8:00 a.m. on May 13 for a six-day journey. Hot Springs, Eureka Springs and Mena were among the destinations, with the trip providing excellent riding combined with stays at some of the most historic hotels in Arkansas.

Some glimpses of the trip: the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs (1875); the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs (1886); shopping and walking on the oldest streets of downtown Hot Springs; Arkansas Highways 7 and 128 which at times seemed like a motorcycle rodeo and, Mt. Magazine Lodge for lunch, the highest point in Arkansas (2753 feet). Overall, it was lovely weather and exciting twisting roads with beautiful scenery, great food and fun with friends. Vicki Baker will give a full account in next month’s Pioneer Press. Learn why we owe a debt of gratitude and a return visit to the Whataburger in Whitesboro, Texas!

The Club’s Quarterly Social and Club Meeting on May 23 was well attended, with 24 members showing up. As usual, during the gathering we were treated to great videos from the Arkansas – Stay in the Golden Era trip just completed. Vicki Baker is destined to get a cinematographic award for the wonderful shots she is able to capture from the pillion of her motorcycle. It made those who did not go on the ride jealous. After enjoying the food of the Wildhorse Grill, President Mike Conley updated the group on club information. The list of rides, destinations and activities just keeps growing. Always safety conscious, we concluded the meeting with a review of some safety tips and navigating some typical road situations we would encounter. And the lucky winner of the $20 dollar “We’ll Pay for Your Meal” drawing is Steve Williams. Steve said he is debating between a new motorcycle and bond investments with his winnings.

We would like to welcome back Bill and Eileen Culhane to the club. We’ve missed you and look forward to riding with you! We are at 64 members strong!

Upcoming events include a lunch ride to Reno Red’s (Roanoke), dinner at Clarks BBQ (Tioga) and a great return trip to Granbury to see Grease at the Granbury Opera House. We are looking forward to our float decorating party on July 3 and the Great Robson Parade on July 4. It’s going to be a packed summer!

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See you on the road!

Beware of cagers and keep the rubber side down.