Robson Riders: summertime and the riding is HOT!

Riders at the 4th of July parade

Riders at the 4th of July parade

Stan Brein

Activities in the club have calmed during the hot summer months. Many members are out of town visiting family and friends or traveling. Midday riding is challenging but can be accomplished with planning and prudence.

Hydration is the most important consideration. This should start several hours before you plan to ride and continue periodically as you go. Granted this may cause a need to stop more often, but you have to gas up anyway. Using appropriate clothing and layering is next. A base layer that wicks perspiration is the best way to start. This allows for the body’s natural cooling process in hot weather. An over layer that provides venting will help circulate air to your body. Long sleeves will help cooling and prevent sunburn. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen, especially for those of us who have skin concerns. A helmet or do rag will prevent the sun from frying your noggin’. I’ve had success using cool towels around my neck. Soak them in cold water, which is absorbed by material in the towel, and they will keep your neck cool for about an hour. Then re-wet them.

Draping a towel or cloth over that dark seat when you are stopped for lunch will keep it cooler when you are ready to continue on your way. And bring your helmet in with you rather than leaving it bake on the bike.

Thanks to Larry Hampton, Stan Soloman and Eddie Schmidt, the Riders who participated in the July 4 Parade at the Ranch. They joined the residents with their golf carts, cars, Segways, horses and strollers to make the parade the great annual event it has become!

Stay cool and keep the rubber side down!