Rock & Roll Martini Group Annual Pool Party

Dave Parker

The house band (host) for the August meeting of the Rock & Roll Martini Group was Allen and Monica Bishop. Since Allen and Monica have a pool in their backyard, they hold an annual pool party. Well, this year the weather did not cooperate, and instead of a pool party, the group held an “around” the pool party! Monica and Allen have one of the finest Texas-themed patios, and the Rockers (members) and guests partied on to a mix of Caribbean and classic hits. Allen, a master griller, fired up hot dogs, brats, and chili. The Rockers and guests contributed a plethora of appetizers and desserts that filled the table. The martinis for the evening were, of course, Margaritas and “Sex on the Beach.” With the rain coming down, the group partied on and didn’t miss a beat!

Until next month, Rock On!