Rock & Roll Martini Group Christmas Party

Photo by Dave Parker

Dave Parker

If there is one party that the Rock & Roll Martini Group looks forward to, it is the annual Christmas Party. Four years ago, Henry and Trish Moore brought in the Uptown Carolers to the December get-together. Henry and Trish brought them back two more times before they decided to switch off with Connie and Greg Metzler. This year Connie and Greg hosted the Carolers and the party. Based in DFW and comprised of local and professional singers, Uptown Carolers delivered a wonderful Christmas performance. They appeared in their elegant Victorian costumes, which appeared to be plucked from the pages of a Dickens novel. The Rockers (members) and guests always comment on how the Uptown Carolers get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Connie and Greg rolled out sliced ham sandwiches for the group, and everyone else filled in with appetizers and desserts. The two martinis for the evening were the “Santa Pom” and “Elf Midori.” After the party, Connie and Greg brought the leftover “Elf Midori” to the airport to be used as jet fuel. Special guests for the evening were Rock & Roll Martini Group Hall of Fame inductees Julie and Deets Stewart.

Until next month, Rock On!