Rockin’ Red Ranchers rock pajamas at annual party

Phyllis Ayers

The Red Hat Ranchers have updated their name to Rockin’ Red Ranchers, but we are still the same group which loves to have fun, be with friends and have fabulous, fantastic experiences. On January 8 the annual Pajama Party was held to roast the outgoing Queen, and crown the new Queen. The roast took a look back at the reign of Queen Glenda Brown with many laughs and memories. The new Queen is Phyllis Ayers, and she is very excited about the upcoming year. The Pajama Party was a brunch with food provided by The 2016 Court, which supports the whole group as well as the new Queen. All of the members signed up for a month in which they would be responsible for planning a fun activity. Everyone had a great time and is looking forward to the new year.