Rockin’ Reds attend popular Southlake cooking school

Geraldine Gawle and Lynne Barringer used tongs to squeeze fresh lemon juice. Not quite as easy as it looked!

Linda Terry

Twenty-four Rockin’ Reds traveled to Southlake’s popular Central Market Cooking School. What a treat! The Spring Lamb menu included herb-crusted grilled lamb chops with apricot relish, asparagus with citrus zest and chocolate-brandy souffle tartlets.

Most of the group were experienced cooks and wondered what they would learn from Central Market chefs about preparing a spring dinner. Just like school days, chef assistants washed their hands and donned aprons. As the class continued, there were new tips regarding grilling red meats and lamb, an oil that tolerated heat to 560 degrees, roasting fresh asparagus, the real low down on souffles and, last but not least, knife safety.

There were smiles and laughter as class members helped chefs with the meal preparation. Turns out that using tongs to squeeze fresh lemon juice wasn’t quite as easy as it looked! Egg whites were whipped to perfection and gently folded into the chocolate brandy souffle for the delicious dessert. After a round of applause for the cooking school instructors, the ladies had an opportunity to wander through Central Market and select a few goodies to take home.