Rough Riders Fan Club

Mary Fabian

Ten years ago, several Robson Ranch men organized a group that grew to over 60 to go to the Frisco RoughRiders baseball games. They purchased a set of eight season tickets, complete with the “All You Can Eat” package (called the “Teddy Ticket”). After losing the main coordinator, Paul Giller, who moved away from the Ranch, and after a couple years of COVID-19, the group stopped going to the games.

The group has been reorganized by Mary Fabian with the assistance of Gary Pniewski. This year we had 36 men and women attend with a five-game season pass, complete with the “All You Can Eat” package. It is a fun baseball outing for both men and women. We have seats on the first base side close to home plate. It was a great time and a great summer of baseball!

Watch for information from HOA announcements next spring to sign up and join the group.

Contact Mary Fabian at [email protected], or Gary Pniewski at [email protected] for more information.