RRWGA – 18 hole news

Barb Bennett

The old saying of “How time flies when you are having fun” sure has proven true when one looks at the calendar and realizes summer is quickly coming to an end. However, more excitement is just around the corner in September and October for ladies of golf! To start, September 8-9 is the Club Championship Tournament, and all WGA golfers are encouraged to participate. The big trophy will go to the best gross score; however, each flight will also win prizes! On September 17 the super fun Hoof and Heels tournament is happening with a lot of outside lady golfers who will join us. If you have not signed up for Hoof and Heels, please contact Brenda Alford. From what Brenda says, there are all kinds of really neat gifts and prizes to be given out. Also please take special note of the following. On October 21 there is going to be a WGA/MGA Pick a Partner tournament. Each couple must belong to the women’s or men’s golf association to participate. This will be a Jack and Jill format and should be a great time, so be thinking of someone of the opposite gender who you would like to partner with in this upcoming event.

Last but not least, please allow me this moment to encourage all ladies who love the game of golf to join the RRWGA for 2015. We have a great time on the course, learn the rules and etiquette of the game and make friendships that carry into our daily lives.