RRWGA 2020 WGA Mixed Invitational Highlights

Lea Ann Kirby

The 2020 RRWGA Mixed Invitational was held a week late, on Nov. 3 this year, due to weather! We ended up playing on a 70-degree day instead of a 30-degree day! We had 64 people turn out for this annual event on a beautiful day in November. Our event chairs were Connie Griswold and Ann Brehm, and they did a great job setting up the event, working with Jeremy and his staff to provide a safe meal and set-up for the participants after play. Thank you, Connie, Ann, and Jeremy, for a fantastic job for this event!

Below is a list of our winners for the flights, drives, closet to the pin, costume, and cart decorations.

Congratulations for a great event this year, especially under all the 2020 restrictions.

Flight 1

1st Place: Gale and Doyle Hicks; Diane and Guy Bent

2nd Place: OkCha and George Cummings; Ryoko Stevlingson and Gary Smith

3rd Place: Ann and Rod Brehm; Linda and Mike Scott

Flight 2

1st Place: Maureen and Ron Lehrer; Jayne Gornik and John Gauthier

2nd Place: Judy and Ray Cromer; Mary Beninato and Bali Ramarao

3rd Place: Althea and Rick Parent; Robin Hanna and Althea Parent

3rd Flight

1st Place: Yvonne and Paul Callaway; Sallye and Gil Ortiz

2nd Place: Gabie and Paul Bull; Joyce Marshall and Lawry Cohen

3rd Place: Jan and Vic Norton; Sandy and Dan Owens

Men’s Longest Drive

1st Flight: Jim Kirby

2nd Flight: Dan Edmonds

3rd Flight: Kim Crawford

Ladies Longest Drive

1st Flight: OkCha Cummings

2nd Flight: Althea Parent

3rd Flight: Mary Burke

Men’s Closet to Pin

1st Flight: Guy Bent

2nd Flight: Rich Fitzgerald

3rd Flight: Lawry Cohen

Ladies Closest to Pin

1st Flight: Gale Hicks

2nd Flight: Mary Beninato

3rd Flight: Yvonne Callaway

Men’s Best Costume: Tim Anderson

Ladies Best Costume: Ana Corey

Best Golf Cart Decoration: Althea and Rick Parent