RRWGA Christmas Brunch/Awards and Meeting

Lea Ann Kirby

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, the Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association (RRWGA) had its annual Christmas Brunch at the Robson Ranch Clubhouse. A wonderful lunch was served by Jeremy Trietsch and his staff who came forward so they could be recognized for the outstanding food that was served. Congratulations to Judy Markley and Carol Pniewski for this wonderful menu as well as Judy’s committees that did a great job all year with all of the food that was served at our events.

A big thank you to our group for the $2,760 gift to the charity Our Daily Bread. Also collected were unwrapped toys which were given to the Salvation Army.

Donna Phillips, the 2019 president, made introductions of the 2019 officers, committees, and tournament directors and spoke about each committee and what a successful year the RRWGA had in all of their tournaments in 2019. Alice Wright, the 2019 vice president, had all the 2019 tournament chairs and co-chairs stand to be recognized. Alice then presented our outgoing resident, Donna Phillips, with gifts of appreciation as a show of our gratitude for her hard work, dedication and leadership over the past two years serving as president of the RRWGA.

The following awards were presented by Handicap Chair Pam Kanawyer:

Chip Ins

First Flight: Althea Parent; Second Flight: Joyce Marshall; Third Flight: Sallye Ortiz.


First Flight: Alice Wright; Second Flight: Lucy Oberholser; Third Flight: Sue Halstead.

Most Improved Golfer for 2019 was Ann Brehm – 20.2 to 15.5.

There were two holes-in-one (for now) for 2019. The hole-in-one pot does not close until December 31, 2019 but right now the two people with holes-in-one in 2019 are Lea Ann Kirby and Ruth Bowen.

The Ringer Board winners were announced by Barb Bennett:

Flight 1: First Place, Cindy Sterling; Flight 1: Second Place, Althea Parent.

Flight 2: First Place, Pat Sands; Flight 2: Second Place, Pam Kanawyer.

Flight 3: First Place, Paula Bone; Flight 3: Second Place, Donna Phillips.

Flight 4: First Place, Sallye Ortiz; Flight 4: Second Place, Sue Halstead.

Flight 5: First Place, LaDonna Womochel; Flight 5: Second Place, Chris Hagan.

The 2020 officers were sworn in by Diane Bent, nominating committee chair. The new 2020 president, Althea Parent, then introduced the standing and special committees and they are all listed below:

Althea Parent, president; Darlene Lamb, vice president; Maureen Fitzgerald, secretary; Lucy Oberholser, treasurer; playday committee members, LaDonna Womochel, Linda Scott, Joy Pashby, Linda Klovans and Mary Fabian; handicap, Kay McKie, Linda Brewer and Linda Phillips; membership, Bev Busick; communications, Deb Nortunen; rules, Gabie Bull; social, Nancy Freisham and Susan Miloser; publicity, Lea Ann Kirby; golf & greens, Pam Kanawyer; ringer, Cindy Stampf; weebly website, Gale Hicks; photographers, Judy Cromer and Linda Knightly.

The 2020 Tournaments and Tournament Chairs are as follows:

Jack & Jill travel, Lee Murphy and Cindy Gosmano; match play tournament, Sallye Ortiz, Gale Hicks and Susan Miloser; eclectic tournament, LaDonna Womochel; hoofs & heels invitational, Diane Bent, Donna Phillips, Pat Sands and Darlene Lamb; club championship/Robson cup, Pam Kanawyer; ladies mixed invitational, Connie Griswold.

The RRWGA had a fantastic, fun 2019 with great participation for all of our events, and we are looking forward to an even better 2020 season for the RRWGA.