RRWGA Honors Our Nation

Cindy Sterling and Gale Hicks

Virginia Wheeless

The Fourth of July brings an opportunity for Robson Ranch organizations to join in a parade to honor our nation, its independence, and our stand for democracy. This year, the Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association (RRWGA) also called attention to its support to fight breast cancer. The October WGA and WLN Pink Tournament chose Women Rock as its charity. Women Rock is a nonprofit that provides financial and educational support and hope for women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The RRWGA drove carts in the parade to highlight Casino Night, which they are sponsoring on Aug. 20, here at Robson Ranch to support the charity. Contact Chris Root at 214-43-9554 for tickets. Proceeds from the Casino Night and the tournament will benefit Women Rock.

Last year, the tournament raised $9,000 through its activities for another charity to purchase seven motorized lift chairs for recovering breast cancer patients. One of the chairs was included in the RRWGA’s part of the parade, accompanied by Lauren Parish, a beneficiary of the charity. Robson Ranch really can make a difference.

After the parade, the WGA members went to the Grill Back Porch Party to draw the winning raffle tickets from the ones sold to only Robson Ranch residents. Carroll French was the winner of the $500 ticket, Bonnie Kohnert was the winner of the $1,000 ticket, and Bob Hanna was the winner of the $5,000 ticket. Thanks to all residents who supported this activity.