RRWGA Women Joined Together in Annual Member-Member Tournament

The call went out for RRWGA members to select their partners and enter the Aug. 9 Member-Member Tournament hosted by the Play Day Committee (Kathi Ackermann, Beverly Anderson, Staci Brown, Yvonne Callaway, Candy Conway-Mikulik, Ana Corey, Paula DiFonzo, and Linda Scott). The format would be 6, 6, 6: 6 holes scramble, 6 holes alternate shots, and 6 holes best ball. The WGA added to prize money and hosted the women for a special lunch of grilled chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, and, of course, ice cream!

The weather was cooperative, even topping out in the 90s. Seventy-six women were divided into 38 teams and four flights. Play was quite competitive. Winners were awarded for three places—team awards: first place $90, second place $60, third place $40.

Flight 1: First place: Kerri Billingsley and Sheri Watkins, second place: Jaynie Gornik and Linda Phillips, third place: Gale Hicks and Brenda Watson

Flight 2: First place: Kelly Kay and Lea Ann Kirby, second place: Candy Conway-Mikulik and Nancy Taylor, third place: Shannon Dunson and Joyce Marshall

Flight 3: First place: Judy Markley and Angie Gay, second place: Kay McKie and Donna Slater, third place: Gabie Bull and Linda Knightly

Flight 4: First place: Kathi Ackermann and Janet Rogers, second place: Kathy Calloway and Terri Carney, third place: Brenda Alford and Chris Hagan