Santa’s Workshop

Jackie Killingsworth

Santa’s Workshop opened a satellite operation at Robson Ranch. Yes, this year, Chief Elf John Romeo can be seen in this legendary workshop where he and his elves are busily making the yard art to be displayed in the Ponderosa section of the Ranch. The exact “location” of Santa’s workshop can be found on Cartwright Drive (aka Ponderosa Ranch). Those who passed by witnessed the elves at work making snowmen wearing 10-gallon hats and a forest of Ponderosa pines in the workshop. Chief Elf John had everyone sawing something—Frank Bracken and Roger Brown cutting rebar and Tony Ross, Dan Jackson, and Larry Daugherty cutting the trees and snowmen. Sanding elves included Janet Bracken, Cheryl Jackson, and Rosy Ross. Elf painters included Tiffany Clayton, Jill Romeo, and Lynn Daugherty. Don’t miss the final product when the displays go live, as we reminisce about the days of Bonanza!