Sassy Stampers Wrap It Up for 2022

Cherlyn Conway

Another successful and memorable time was had on Dec. 10 as more than 40 Stampers attended the year-end holiday gift exchange party that takes the place of a December Stampers class. The beautiful centerpieces that decorated the tables were given away to the most festive person at each table. The tablemates voted who was most festive at their table.

After a short business meeting was conducted by the outgoing board, it was time to get to the serious stuff of food, games, and gifts. A tasty brunch menu was enjoyed by all, as well as the famous Jean Euker chocolate cake. A big thank you to Jean and her helpers for a great party.

The marshmallow game was a hit, as you had to team up with another Stamper and each, using one hand and one chopstick, had to work together to put those little guys in a cup. Sounds way easier than it was. The word game was very entertaining. The room was divided in half (the red side and the green side), and the four ladies from each side were given a letter. Our hostess would give them a word, and they had to arrange themselves to spell the word. The first side that got it won the point. It was a little challenging for some to get in the right spot to spell the four-letter word before the other side was in place. There was a lot of laughter and fun for this game.

The gift exchange kept everyone on their toes to eye the perfect gift for them. This opened some opportunities of stealing on the premises and some grumbling when you got comfy with your gift and it was taken away.

All in all, another successful year was logged in the books for the Sassy Stampers Club. 2023 will hold many more opportunities for new members, fun, fellowship, supporting local clubs and organizations, and waking up that creativity side that lies within each member of this group.

We started off the new year with a new board, as well as supporting each other for the love of this craft, and anxiously await our next club meeting on Jan. 21.

Remember to stop by the CATC and check out the beautiful cards on display that are all handmade with love by the Sassy Stampers Club!

Happy New Year!