Save the date – 14th Annual Health Fair

The 14th annual Robson Ranch Health Fair will be held on Saturday, April 7 in the Clubhouse and Fitness Center during the hours of 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. There will be many dental, medical, nutritional, retail, assisted living, hospice, and insurance vendors represented; it’s a great opportunity to get some questions answered, get medical evaluations or find that medical professional you might have been looking for in the area.

Hearing tests will be performed by UNT Speech & Hearing Center, Clear Life Hearing and Connect Hearing at the Fitness Center. On the day of the Health Fair the check-in will be in the women’s and men’s lounges and spa foyer for these tests.

Albertson’s Pharmacy will be giving tetanus and pneumonia shots. Tetanus shots will cost $65 and everyone needs one at least every 10 years and any grandparent should have one if they are around a newborn. Tetanus is found in the ground, so with gardening picking up in the spring plan to be safe. Pneumonia shots (Prevnar-13 for those 65+, Pneumovax for those who have taken the Prevnar at least one year prior). Medicare pays 100 percent for the Prevnar and Pneumovax. Insurance and cash only payments will also be accepted.

Carter Blood Care is in need of blood donations and we are sponsoring a blood drive during the Robson Ranch Health Fair. Help the local patients and save lives by donating at our blood drive. If you plan to register for the Robson Ranch Health Fair Blood Drive you can only give blood every eight weeks. Keep this in mind if you are planning to donate between now and the Health Fair.

Donate blood during the health fair from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturday, April 7. You can also respond to the HOA email bulletin link.

Here are some important things to know about blood. Average adults have ten pints of blood in their bodies; you probably have a pint that you can spare; newborn babies only have a cup. The red blood cells that you donate have a shelf life of 42 days. The plasma that is part of that donation can remain viable for five days; if it is frozen it is useful for one year. That pint of blood weighs one pound.

Your pint of blood that you donate goes to three different people to help save their lives; please donate.

Watch for details to sign up in the HOA email bulletins for donation time slots.