The After Schoolers attend the Lone Star Murder Mystery

Darla Chupp

The After Schoolers of Robson Ranch recently attended the Lone Star Murder Mystery at the Texas Star Dinner Theater in Grapevine. The entertaining, interactive Old West comedy, Derailed and Departed, proved to be both historical and hysterical!

The After Schoolers enjoyed a tasty meal, and after watching the program each group delved into the task of interrogating the suspects to try to solve the “who done it?” Who killed Attorney Dewey Cheatumgood? The groups were warned that the murderer was not Marshal Jim Courtright! So….was the murderer Captain Hobbs, the shell-shocked lone survivor of Custer’s Last Stand? Or was it the fast talking, wheeler-dealer salesman, Edward Ponzee? Or was it Maggie Magpie, the accident prone magician’s assistant whose husbands kept meeting mysterious fates? Or was it Dude, the single most notorious bounty hunter in the West? You’ll have to attend the Lone Star Murder Mystery Dinner Theater to find out!

The After Schoolers had a wonderful time in historic downtown Grapevine. Those attending were Judy Riffel, Mary K. Holicky, Pat Hamblin, Don and Mary Lou Wood, Linda Stuart, Manly and Judy Osborn, Mike and Marti Conley, Jim and Kathy Farrell, Kitty Waldrop, Norma Johnston, Sue Cousin, Pearlie Owens, Maitland Dade and Fran and Darla Chupp with out-of-town guests John and Claudia Beechy.

The After Schoolers would like to extend an invitation to join our club to Robson Ranch residents who have a passion for education. Our mission is to support the Borman Elementary School faculty and staff by hosting occasional luncheons, providing special treats and monetary support (funded through our bi-annual Community Garage Sales) for classroom supplies and materials. Please join the After Schoolers at our next meeting on Friday, November 14, at 10:30 a.m. at the Robson Ranch clubhouse. For more information about the After Schoolers organization, call Pat Hamblin at 940-262-0083.