Servants’ Sound gospel concert


Barbara Shippy

On Sunday, March 18 both New Life and Fellowship at the Ranch churches sponsored a free gospel concert for the Robson Ranch community. This concert was the first of its kind here within our community. The Servants’ Sound quartet, along with their awesome pianist and sound technician provided a wonderful mix of gospel music for over four hundred Robson Ranch participants. The clubhouse was packed!

Servants’ Sound is a McKinney-based southern gospel quartet composed of Darren Roberts as tenor, Bronson Marshall as second tenor, Chris Blair as lead and Mike Patterson as bass. Joe Tom McDonald is their very talented pianist and Tony Gutierrez is the sound technician. With their contemporary twist on a deeply rooted singing tradition, these men are uniting generations throughout north Texas with their seamless blend of voices. The goal of Servants’ Sound is the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on which most of their music is centered. Some of the songs performed are similar to the style of decades gone by.

This concert was a wonderful success, which was evident by the strong applause after each song, people joining in the singing, the positive feedback from those attending, and a long, standing ovation at the end of the concert. It was a mix of music and testimony from each of the men; along with light comedy sprinkled within the venue. The ‘big’ question asked by most of the participants as they were leaving the concert was, “When will Servants’ Sound be coming back again?” Because they were so widely received, a Christmas concert is scheduled for Sunday, December 2, 2018. There will be more information around September 2018 regarding this upcoming Christmas concert. Mark your calendars now for this event. There will once again be limited seating.

For those of you that attended and still want a CD, please email Mike and Barbara Shippy at [email protected] They will put you directly in contact with the quartet.