Shalom all

The Jewish Menorah

The Jewish Menorah

Our November Jewish Friendship Group meeting was held on Sunday, November 15, and was hosted by Ilene and Jerry Schlesenger. We had 24 attendees. All members brought wonderful Jewish delicacies for all to sample. The installation of our new coffee pot was a success and makes great coffee. Our old one died, and the Zipes replaced it. Thank you.

Our December hosts were Carol and Jay Solow on the 13th. We will have had a Hanukkah celebration with traditional Hanukkah foods and party favors and several members brought their Menorahs for all to see. Hanukkah started December 7 and ended on the 14th. It is the “Festival of Lights” with candle lightings every night for eight nights, adding one candle for each night until all are lit.

January 10 the hosts will be Richard and Susi Schwartz.

Our group is a non-religious, social group with only one person of a couple needing to be Jewish. Singles are more than welcome. We do stay with our heritage and acknowledge our Jewish holidays and traditions.

No dues, just a dish, hopefully handed down from our elder relatives, which is always a delight.

For any information please contact Linda Zisman at 940-246-0220 or [email protected].