Shalom everyone

Linda Zisman

Shalom everyone.

Our Jewish Friendship Group for March was hosted by Hesh and Carol Seidman. What a nice job they did!

Over 24 people attended our meeting along with two new couples moving into Robson Ranch in the near future. It’s always a treat to meet new folks and introduce them to our group.

Everyone brought a special food dish to share along with our lox and bagels.

In April we will be celebrating Passover, and Linda and Myron Zisman will be hosting on April 12, sharing matzohs, gefilte fish with horseradish, potato pancakes along with some special delicacies and regular staple foods from our members.

Our May 17 meeting will be hosted by Elaine and Edward Barnett.

Our group is strictly a social group, not a religious group, but we do adhere to our heritage and celebrate key holidays. Only one member of a couple needs to be Jewish, and of course singles are more than welcome to join with us. We have no dues; we only ask that you bring a dish that hopefully is something special from a family recipe. We meet on the second Sunday of each month except where holidays like Mother’s Day fall and the clubhouse needs our room.

For any information please contact Linda Zisman at 940-246-0220 or [email protected].