Shalom and Happy Holidays to everyone from the Jewish Friendship Group

Our December meeting was hosted by Linda and Myron Zisman with a Hanukkah theme as Hanukkah was celebrated from December 16 through December 30.

Holiday time has many Robson galas and parties, so we were missing lots of our members for this gathering, but we did have about 20 attend, and we had many discussions about Hanukkah and Christmas as well as some wonderful Jewish foods. Potato latkes (potato pancakes) were a hit as were noodle kugles and mandelbread, a traditional Jewish cake/bread.

The tables were decorated with Hanukkah toys and Hanukkah “gelt,”.money in the form of chocolate candy. Hanukkah tablecloths lined the tables, and Hanukkah plates, cups and napkins made it very festive.

Our January hosts will be Lynn and Bill Moore on the 11th.

We are strictly a social group, not a religious group. We do adhere to our heritage. Only one member of a couple needs to be Jewish, and singles are more than welcome. No dues, just a food dish hopefully from a recipe handed down from a family member.

For any information about our Jewish Friendship Group please contact Linda Zisman at 940-246-0220 or [email protected]. We meet on the second Sunday of every month unless it interferes with a program at the clubhouse and then we may have to move it up or down a Sunday.